Created in 1992, Mystical Madness original jewelry designs have garnered loyalty from prominent stores, museums, and galleries worldwide. With a loyal following, these wearable works of silver art are collected and worn by woman from all walks of life. Nestled in the Archipelago of Indonesia, the exotic island of Bali is home to the Mystical Madness workshop and design studio. This is where Mystical Madness designs spring to life! Beginning with a conceptual drawing and a mirage of exquisite materials, skilled artisans hand assemble silver components with gem stones, fossils, minerals, drusie’s or hand carved faces- The result – timeless treasures to be enjoyed for a lifetime! Mystical Madness has sold collections to the likes of The Smithsonian Institute, The Natural Museum of History in NY, The Field Museum in Chicago, National Geographic, The Sundance Catalog and Ross Simons. Amongst are clientele are jewelry stores, cruise ships, boutiques ,gift shops, clothing stores, galleries & museums. With over 17 years of experience in distribution, shipping and customer service Mystical Madness remains a leading name in sterling silver designer jewelry.

Meet The Designer

Misti's unique designs and ability to merge fashion trends with a medley of natural stones and minerals have provoked interest from people around the globe. Today Misti currently resides in Laguna Beach, California and the tropical island of Bali where she is busy creating the up coming collections. In between she continues to travel and explore, collecting new materials and inspiration from around the world. "The jewelry, the travel, the food, the many different cultures.

Misti Martin

Founder and creator of Misti Martin Designs and Mystical Madness Jewelry Collections. Since 1992
"As a young girl I was introduced to the mystical world of jewelry when I would visit the American Navajo Indian Reservations with my grand father, who was a purveyor of American Indian jewelry and artifacts. Curious that turquoise came in so many different shades of color- from deep mossy green to azure blue, and fascinated by gently pounded silver squash blossoms- I saw these jewelry pieces as art- being coveted and collected and cherished by those who found them. This is where my fascination with mystical symbols & jewelry first began. Hence years later my design vision and passion for exotic jewelry, travel to distant lands and the madness of the modern world gave birth to Mystical Madness Jewelry."
"The inspiration for the jewelry comes from my fascination with the many natural resources that come from earth and sea. I consider jewelry making to be an art, but rather than using watercolors my palette contains a rainbow of colored gemstones and unusual agates. I draw from an endless ocean of materials. Turquoise, amber, aquamarine, opal, seashells, fossils, and petrified woods- to name just a few are among the many materials that are incorporated into my work." By combining these raw materials with intricate craftsmanship, metal smithing and current fashion trends, Mystical Madness offers collections that are infused with a fresh bold spirit that is both striking and distinctive. "I love the world of gemstones and have traveled the world to many exotic places collecting the lapidary treasures that dictate my jewelry. It is the stones themselves that guide me to my next collection."

Fashion and feminine chic

Our Philosophy celebrates the spirit of the modern woman- jewelry is to be lived in…it has to fit your personality and become a part of you. Each piece should be worn and treasured as if it is your favorite pair of jeans. Over the years Mystical Madness designs have evolved into a myriad of color and textures combined with ancient symbols , unusual motifs , organic elements & colorful jewels, all put together by skilled artisans- combine that with an element of fashion and feminine chic – and you have entered into the world of Mystical Madness !
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